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Your Personal Injury Law Firm and the Illusion of Market Domination

You don’t need to have an unlimited ad budget, just the right placement

Your audience’s attention is both precious and fickle at the same time. As you can see from our news cycle, yesterday’s headline is today’s afterthought. If your message reaches a million people only once, you may as well be screaming into a desert. At the same time, if your message reaches one person a thousand times, you’re wasting your money in the same way. How? Your law firm needs the right balance of reach (number of people seeing/hearing your message) and frequency (number of times they see/hear it). This balance is the key to dominating your market without breaking the bank to do it.

Focusing on the right vendors for your personal injury law firm

When placing media for your personal injury law firm, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the different marketing options. It only gets more complicated when representatives for each option are constantly trying to sell their option as the best option. In reality, these vendors should function as extensions for your law firm’s message.

Before you think about where your ad dollars are going, you should have your goals and plans filed away. No radio, television, or digital vendor should be able to sell you on a project if it doesn’t align with your plan to achieve your goal. For instance, if one of your firm’s goals is to reach more people ages 18-34, you may want to pass on the offer to run ads in a newspaper.

Stretching your dollar

Eliminating useless vendor options will inherently stretch your dollar to a significant degree. If you’re not wasting a dollar in a medium not suited to your goals, that dollar can instead be invested into a medium that more effectively puts your message in front of potential clients. 

With your media options squared away, your firm’s ad dollars now need to be maximized. In the traditional media sphere, negotiating rates is the old standby. While negotiating media is a bit of a nuanced skill, placing the ads intelligently shouldn’t be. In short, your message should run with the most reach and frequency you can achieve with your ad budget. 

For your personal injury law firm, you’d probably want to form a placement schedule around when your doors are open. Why? You’d probably want an ad with your phone number visible to run while you have people in your firm’s office ready to handle phone calls. Installing these parameters also narrows down your window to run ads. Instead of running 10 ads over a 24-hour span, you could, say, run 10 ads over a 5-hour span. Now, people in that 5-hour window will see your message twice, increasing your frequency while keeping your reach relatively even.

The key to “dominating” a market isn’t utilizing an unlimited budget. If you use the right medium targeting the right audience with the right reach and frequency, you will ultimately dominate the market of potential clients most likely to become clients of your firm.

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