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Social Media Profiles for Personal Injury Law Firm

How to Maintain a Professional Social Media Profile While Engaging with My Target Audience

Social media posts for law firms can blend in with all the personal posts from individuals posting about their lives. When trying to market your professional law firm on social media you walk a fine line between personal versus professional posts. The way you present yourself on social media is how others, who do not know you, will perceive you. You want to maintain a reputation and manage your brand successfully.


Hashtags are a way to drive engagement to your post and even your profile. Depending on what you hashtag, you can target the intended audience. A hashtag will allow your image to be seen by people who do not follow your page without putting money behind the post. With hashtags it is not always the more the better. Test out different amounts and find out how many are optimal. Posting a ton of hashtags attached to your post will look unprofessional and desperate for likes. Do some research what your target audience is searching and test out related-hashtags.


While a group photo of your friends may generate likes from your friends and family, when running a professional account for your law firm try to focus less on social images and more on the day to day and images of  your service offerings. You want to show your audience and viewers what happens in the day of the life of your law firm. You want to maintain a professional identity while also engaging with your followers. Showing that you are passionate about your practice will allow your personality to be seen through your post.


One of the greatest aspects of social platforms is the ease in reaching out to businesses rather than having to wait on a customer service line with someone who works remotely for the company. This ease of communication provides another channel to engage with your clientele and show you are dedicated and available to them. It is important to not use personal opinions when communicating on behalf of your firm. You want to stay subjective in hopes to not offend or spark debate. Stay neutral on sensitive topics.

Your personal account is generally more casual and a platform many participate in for fun. A professional identity has to have more thought and dedication invested into this profile. Your business on social media should post with a purpose. Whether that purpose is to engage, network, or maintain your reputation, you want to stay true to your firm’s identity without coming off unprofessional.