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Social Media Marketing Process for Personal Injury Lawyers

How to Stick to a Process to Tackle Social Media Marketing 

If you have seen other firms and business presence on social media, you would know they are not posting carelessly or on a whim. They have a strategy, process, and monitoring plan. But how do you go about that? How do you put into action all of your ideas? You have an idea of what you envision your pages to look like, but you do not know how to execute. A plan is needed in order to tackle social media marketing. 

The Process for Keeping up with Social Media Marketing: 

1. Form a Strategy

Think about your message and brand. You want to keep all social media uniform and on track with what your firm stands for. What are your goals? Are you looking for potential clients? Do you need the phone to ring? Check out other accounts and note what you like. You also need to determine what platforms to take advantage of. After you have done some research, plan a strategy on how to achieve these goals using these platforms. 

2. Content

Gather or create content. You will need to compile useful content. Whether that is videos, blogs, relevant articles, images, or anything else. Gather together an arsenal of content you can release so you are not panicking the time you want to post. 

3. Monitoring 

You will always want an eye on your social media. Since everyone can access these platforms 24/7, things can blow up quickly. Make sure to have a pulse on every time someone mentions your firm or interacts with your social pages. Monitoring also means engaging with your followers. Make sure to respond to comments and interact with your audience. 

4. Grow Audience

Especially in the legal industry, it may be hard to gain a following on social media platforms. You do not have an attractive product or exciting sell, so the attraction to your pages may be harder. This is why you want to put a large focus on growing your following. This is possible through paid advertisements. Pay to reach other individuals who could be potential clients. 

5. Analysis 

While you follow these steps you are going to need to measure success. Likes and comments will not show you how much success you actually achieve. Make sure to check out data and analytics to see what is working and what is not. You will need to readjust your strategy if you see some things are not successful. 

Having a process for social media makes it so much easier to handle. Social media for business is not as easy as maintaining your personal account. Dedicate time to this process and become comfortable with it. 

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