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Marketing Tips for your personal injury law firm

Developing the right marketing plan for your practice!

Marketing your personal injury law firm can be very expensive and time consuming! BUT it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to be a marketing expert to kickoff your marketing campaign for your practice! Of course, you won’t see dramatic results overnight, but if you practice these tips new clients will begin calling your office!

1. Meet with your referrals

No matter how busy and hectic your schedule may be, it’s important to make time to connect with your referral contacts regularly to personally remind them that your services are available.

2. Know who your target market is

If your practice is in personal injury, you obviously don’t want to market to a client searching for a divorce attorney. you will want to make sure you know as much as possible about your targeted audience in order to market efficiently.

3. Make plans with colleagues and law classmates

reaching out to old classmates can build up your referral network, for you and your colleagues! Everyone wins!

4. Study related cases

The more you know the better you are! an old but very accurate saying. Studying previous cases that relate to your practice is not only healthy but encouraged. Studying up on previous cases that are similar to cases you may have to defend will give you an expertise and added experience.

5. Put your law firm on social media

Everyone nowadays has some sort of social media. it would be wise to create a social media page for your law firm on all platforms and make it easy to find! Using social media is also a simple way to be able to reach out to specific communities and groups to make them aware of your legal expertise.

6. Get a website for your law firm

this should honestly be first and most important step of marketing your practice. The first thing people do when they are looking for a service or information is search the web.

7. Make networking a priority

Go out and meet people at least once a week! Getting your name out around town will make you a familiar face and keep you top of mind!

8.Start a law blog

creating a blog will make you a reference and a source that potential clients will appreciate. It’s a great way to build trust by sharing your expertise and making it accessible to everyone.

9. Offer free consultations

Trust me when I say, everyone loves free stuff! Try and budget a small amount of time to introduce yourself and offer your advice.