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Managing Client Relationships In Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Staying on your clients “good side”

The core of every business boils down to the clients that keep it running because let’s face it, without “them” there can be no “us.” Building and maintaining client relationships is one of the simplest forms of marketing and is often times the most neglected. Keeping a great and lasting relationship with your clients is equally as important as things like advertising techniques and productivity hacks. Listed below are five tips to help you stay on good terms with your clients!

1. Value the clients time 

Time is one of life’s many treasures that you can never get back after it’s spent. In order to make the most out of your time together, be sure to always schedule your clients appoints. Never tell a client to just “drop by” you may be in the middle of something and can’t give them your immediate attention. Having them wait for you to finish up, could make them feel as though their time isn’t valuable to you. 

2. Be Responsive

In all honesty, no one likes being ignored. Answering emails and making deadlines a priority is a recipe for a great relationship. No one has ever said “WOW I hate working with my personal injury lawyer! They always answer my emails in a timely manner!” 

3. Be Transparent 

In a perfect world, we never make mistakes and never have a reason to explain ourselves. Unfortunately, we aren’t born with law degrees and every mistake is a learning experience. It’s always best to completely be yourself and be open with your clients. If you’ve made a mistake, let them know! Hiding it or trying to cover it up could make you seem disorganized or dishonest. 

4.  Make Success VERY clear 

It is super important to know EXACTLY what success looks like to your clients. Often times we find that our definition of success doesn’t alway match up to our clients idea of success. Being perfectly clear when it comes to what your client expects from you can be vital to your relationship. In order to deliver quality service, make sure everyone is on the same page.

5. Get Face To Face 

Not every meeting with the client has to be “face to face” but it is a good idea to get familiar. There is more of an emotional and personal feel to an “in person” meeting that makes a client feel more comfortable and give you a more trustworthy persona.