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Loyalty in Your Personal Injury Law Firm

3 ways to keep your clients coming back for more

What do you think is the number one reason why people keep coming back to a restaurant? At first thought you may say its because they have great food. Sure that may be the case, but can the menu alone keep the clientele? The real reason for repeat customers is because of the service. Think about your favorite restaurant. lets say its the exact same menu but they changed the entire staff. The new staff is not attentive, they’re rude, and they make you feel unwelcome. What are the chances you would return to that restaurant even if they make your favorite sandwich? You have to treat you personal injury law firm with that same concept. Outstanding service will always keep them coming back! Follow these next three steps to keep your clients hungry for your personal injury law firm.

1. Deliver on time

Set a time frame for you clients and provide constant updates. Do what you say you’re going to do, and do it when you said you would! Following this one simple rule will already put you ahead of most businesses! Considering that people are expecting you to be “too busy” to deliver on time, this could be a great opportunity to separate your Personal injury law firm from the competition. Have a reputation of being dependable and reliable will alone encourage loyalty.  

2. Create solutions

Often times clients will bring an issue that is outside of our field. For example, let’s say you found yourself in a donut shop looking for a cheeseburger. Chances are, you’re in the wrong place. Instead of pushing your client out of the out of the door, you should recommend the best burger place in town! Use this same advice when considering your personal injury law firm. If your client asks you a question that is outside of your scope of service, instead of saying “sorry I can’t help you” find out who can and get your client the answers that they’re looking for. Your clients will then look at you as a problem solver and will come back to you with all of their questions.

3. Be honest 

Being honest with your services when it comes to your clients can score you extra points. Don’t sell your clients anything that doesn’t make sense for their case. For example, I am a first time pet owner and I went to the local pet store to prepare for my new pup to make his debut. When asking the shop manager about what dog food I should by, she didn’t sell me the most expensive food on the shelf. Instead she directed me to the food that fit my pups dietary needs, and I’ve been going there ever since. Not overcharging and doing right by your clients will create an everlasting relationship and build trust.