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How to keep the “personal” in personal injury lawyer

Practicing law can be a tough and competitive career to follow but keeping a great reputation and building relationships with your clients can set you apart from the competition!  


At the first thought of the word lawyer, many people’s minds start racing to a selection of different adjectives: busy, tricky, sly, knowledgeable, hard to reach, expensive, untrustworthy, just to name a few. Often times people are worried if they’ve chosen the right lawyer and crossing fingers to hope they landed on one of the good guys. In today’s society, people rely on word of mouth and personal opinions of their peers to influence a large percentage of their major decisions. Below is a 3 step, easy-to-follow guide on how to protect your business by protecting your reputation. 

Step 1: Stay Human 

It’s easy to hear the word “lawyer ” and automatically categorize those who practice law as a different breed of human. Showing more of your personality can be a reminder to your clients that you’re just a normal person! Find something you have in common, perhaps a favorite sports team or a the new restaurants in town. Adding casual conversations in between the professional conversations can make your clients feel more comfortable and trusting.

2. Presentation: Being Clear and Not Confusing 

Auto and work injuries happen to everyday people on a regular basis. When meeting with your clients, keep in mind that they didn’t go to law school and are often times unfamiliar with the law terms that comes with the degree. While explaining the status of the case and answering questions, be as clear as possible. Making sure that you and your clients are on the same page can make all the difference. The service you provide controls what people say about you and can take a direct hit on your reputation. Pay attention to your client’s body language and facial expressions as cues for understanding, not every client will willingly admit their confusion. It’s important to be aware.

3. Being Authentic 

One of the most respected qualities to have is authenticity, especially when it comes down to injuries and lawsuits. Staying transparent with your clients and keeping them updated throughout the whole process will get you highly recommended. Being truthful with your clients, whether the news is good or bad, will get you an honest reputation. No one has ever said “I hate working with my lawyer. He’s just too honest and informative.” Be real, Show your clients what you are working on!

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