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How Personal Injury Law Firms Can Deliver What Prospective Clients Actually Want

Ease of access and convenience are transforming the service industry 

You can order your groceries online and have them delivered to your house immediately. Don’t have a TV? No problem, stream anything you want directly to laptop or phone whenever you want. There is a huge shift towards convenience for consumers and it is beginning to be what we as consumers not only expect, but demand. So what does this mean for personal injury law firms? They must adapt to this shift and provide the service the customers want. Consumers seek value, availability and ease of access. Is your law firm checking all of these marks?

Just because your law firm may offer a very low hourly rate, does not mean you are providing value. Is every hour worth something to every single client? Clients want to know what they are paying for and where every dollar is going. Be transparent with your clients and explain to them where all your time is spent. Provide them with information and show them how you can help them. Some ways to provide value to a prospective client are to post videos, seminars, blogs and articles. 

Individuals seek products and services that are available. You must be readily available to help them now. This means always being responsive and answering their calls when they call. Show them that they are a priority. Although you may want to show you are busy and a booming law firm, that may be a red flag to some prospective clients. They want a lawyer to focus all their attention on their case because it is very important to them. 

Make sure your law firm is easily found on search and social. Many individuals turn to online search when looking for services. They are not going to pick the law firm on page 6 with no reviews. They are going to go with the lawyer with amazing reviews who comes up first. Make sure they can find your website, phone number and information easily. If they have to dig to find your law firm, you will drop on their mental list of firms to hire. The best way to stay top of mind is to continually remind prospective clients you are ready to take their case. 

Customer support and personalized experiences are ranking lower as to what is important to consumers now. This does not mean throw customer service to the wayside. But, instead focus on being available and ready to work.