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Custom-fitting Your Marketing Plan to Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Goals

Your law firm is different from others, so your marketing plans need to be customized, as well.

Raise your hand if you’ve seen an ad on TV, heard one on the radio, or stumbled across one on the internet and thought to yourself, “Hey, I should do that!” Now raise your other hand if you immediately started creating an ad for yourself because you saw someone else doing it. Don’t be worried if both of your hands are now in the air (Sorry, mobile users). We live in a copycat world, after all. Before you do any more work making that ad, you need to make sure you have a plan for it.

With all the money in the world, sure, you could generate a ton of ads for a ton of different audiences in a ton of different places. For most advertisers, though, we want to be smart about this and ensure a solid ROI. Your personal injury law firm is probably no different. If you’ve already begun thinking about ways to advertise your firm, take a step back and think about who you want to advertise your message toward. You can refer to these messages as “targeted” messages

You can think of your market of potential clients existing on a scale. Depending on the goals of your personal injury law firm, some people will be more likely to become valuable clients, while others are less likely. A simple marketing strategy will put your message in front of each and every single one of these potential clients. In reality, you probably want to put your message in front of people that are likely to become valuable clients for your firm. This targeted approach can benefit you in several ways:

  • If you’re carving out certain pockets of your audience, you are effectively shrinking your audience. If you’re targeting fewer people, you’re often going to be spending less money.
  • By focusing your efforts on a targeted group of people, you are freeing your call center, paralegals, case managers (whoever answers your phones) up to handle a higher percentage of calls that have the possibility to become clients.
  • A customized, targeting marketing approach helps keeping you out of the clutter of a crowded field. While competitors are spending a ton to reach a ton of people at a high frequency, you are spending less to reach a more targeted audience at a higher frequency. You should focus on your message reaching your audience to create more value for your firm.