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Creating content for your personal injury law firm

A checklist for creating content worth sharing 

Creating content for your personal injury law firm is a great way to be informative and considered as a resource. Now imagine pouring your heart out into blog after blog and getting no increase on engagement. What could be wrong? Below is a checklist to ensure that your blog content for your law firm catches attention and encourages engagement!

1.Make sure your information is findable 

You want to make sure when you publish a blog post, that it has a reach and is able to be found. One way to accomplish this, is by customizing the title, keywords, and description tags to accurately describe your content according to your keyword search. This is very important! Also, be sure to tag your photos and videos the same way making them findable in image searches. For example, if you have a photo of  a group of lawyers in court, the alt tag should read, “The Personal Injury Lawyers from XYZ Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina are defending a client in court as seen in this photo.” 

2. Make sure your information is readable 

When marketing for a law firm, it’s easy to get all tied up in law terms and marketing terms that people who are not in these fields will not comprehend. When creating content, always write in a style that is easy to understand for any audience seeking law advice. Another way to make your blog appealing and readable, is by breaking up the content. Using bullet points and numbered list will allow people to scan and gain knowledge without being encouraged to leave the page due to unreadable content. Keeping paragraphs short and sweet will keep readers engaged!

3. Give your content blog an obvious call to action

This is the easy part. Always have a comment section on the bottom of your blog for people to ask questions or leave a comment. Have an alert set up to know exactly when someone has left a comment and ALWAYS respond accordingly. It could be something as small as a “Thank you for your comment.” Any response you give will humanize you and make your audience more comfortable with coming to you for all their legal needs. Along with the comment section, be sure to have very clear and easy access to your “Contact Me” page. You want to encourage readers to reach out to you after reading your blog, or if they ever find themselves in a situation when the need a Personal Injury Lawyer.