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Content Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms

Ideas That Will Keep Your Law Firm Relevant and Resourceful

Making a Facebook Page and Instagram Profile are only the first steps. Content is king. Providing relevant and useful content is going to be why people are drawn to your page and keep following you day to day. You need to post enough content that also provides value to the followers.

There is not a science or a set of skills needed to make sure your content is killer. But you do need to dedicate time because this is just as important as any other aspect of your law firm. Just as you budget time to have meetings and research cases, you need to schedule time to make sure you have resourceful content. If you are a resource to your clientele they will continue to follow you.

What do followers want to see from a law firm? Consumers want to be informed, entertained and inspired. They want to be educated but not bored by a flood of information. Be to the point and useful while engaging. Still drawing a blank? Keep reading for some content ideas law firms should be posting.


  • Post your commercials on social channels, especially creative ads that are entertaining. This will keep your message uniform with the message you are running traditionally.

Behind the Scenes

  • Posting images and videos behind the scenes of commercials, photo shoots, community events, or day to day office work will show your clientele that you are not a buttoned up lawyer all the time. You are a human just like them with emotion. This will make your audience feel as if you understand their needs and wants when they are in need of legal help.

Community Events

  • If you are a local lawyer, post pictures at local events and recognizable landmarks in your city. This will make your audience a lot more comfortable with you. If you go where they go, they will feel more connected and comfortable around you rather than inferior. Everyone loves to see familiar places they have a connection to.


  • Create a weekly or monthly blog. This can be a straight written blog or throw up a video of you discussing a popular and relevant topic. This will place yourself as a thought leader on the topic and give your law firm credibility.

Social media can be a powerful tool for law firms because depending on how you position yourself, the community could see you as the people’s lawyer…which is ideal. You are just like them and they feel comfortable enough to reach out for help when they find themselves needing legal help.